Seminars on Executive Skills Coaching with Teens and College Students

New Training Offered:

Beginning in January 2017, Dr. Dawson is available to offer seminars on coaching within the New England area. These are multi-session seminars, and participants will be asked to find a student to coach in order to get “hands-on” practice with a strategy that has been shown to be particularly effective in helping teens and young adults improve executive skills as they identify and pursue goals that are important to them. Individuals or organizations interested in sponsoring such a seminar should contact Dr. Dawson to make arrangements.

Seminar Description:

Coaching is a strategy designed to help under-achieving students be more successful in school and reach the career goals they set for themselves. By working with a coach, students learn how to manage time and tasks, avoid distractions and temptations, and develop good study habits. Coaching is neither tutoring nor counseling, but it is a collaborative process in which students, with guidance and support from a coach, set and pursue goals that are important to them and hone the executive skills they need to achieve those goals.

Through the use of didactic presentations, assigned readings, audio tapes, practice exercises, group discussions, homework assignments, and “hands-on” experience, this seminar will provide in-depth training in the coaching process, including:

  • Information gathering and executive skills assessments
  • Conducting the long-term goal setting interview
  • Turning long-term aspirations into SMART goals
  • Conducting daily coaching sessions to help students make plans to achieve their goals
  • Developing progress-monitoring instruments to help students track their progress told goal attainment
  • Helping students identify strategies for capitalizing on their executive skill strengths and shoring up weaknesses
  • Trouble-shooting and evaluating the effectiveness of the coaching process

Comments from recent participants in the coaching seminar.

Students have said:

What worked best was getting plans made and executing them (Sometimes I make plans and do not follow through. You helped me follow through)…It was very useful and helpful in getting me to schedule and use my time better. I am feeling much more confident and know that this coaching will help me for years to come.

What worked best about coaching? Just going over it and she helped me when I need help and shows me tricks. Organization helped because I didn't have to dig through my binder every class. How could coaching be improved? Nothing, everything is awesome. She helps me with whatever I need.

Coaching has helped me become a better learner. It helped me improve my learning strategies and skills… My initial goals were centered on my study skills and my organization… I would say that I have improved on the two things above and it has made studying and finding my work easier.

Coaches have said:

What worked best about coaching? Modeling planning, organization, and talking through how to use various strategies aloud-modeling metacognition by talking through strategies for improving executive skill… The student experienced a great deal of growth in her overall ability to plan/prioritize, organize, initiate, and sustain attention. I believe this will be lasting especially with the tools in the book she can use going forward.

I found the interview/conversation style of coaching to be what worked best for this process… I also found the regular meeting to be useful. It was helpful to sit with C. and help him set his goals and then follow up as soon as possible to see how those goals were proceeding.

What worked best about coaching?

  • meeting with the student daily at the beginning and then slowly working towards once a week with occasional check-ins
  • guiding rather than telling the student what he should do to meet his goals
  • using visual tools so that the student was able to see how he was going to meet his goals
  • creating graphs to show progress
  • seeing the smile on his face when he completed his long-term project!

Coaching for me with this student went really well. It was a great experience for both of us. I was amazed that it worked so well.

What worked best about coaching? Helped student identify strengths and weaknesses. Provided student with goal-setting opportunities to work on areas of weakness. Gave student an opportunity to work through anxiety-provoking issues. Being prepared for sessions/tutoring on math made student more productive and confident… Coaching went very well. Met my expectations and student benefitted, too!